Box From Japan Affiliate Program

Are you interested to became partner with Box From Japan and make some extra money in the most fun way?


How does it work?

  • Earn thousands of dollars by offering our products to your followers and friends!
  •  Box From Japan Offers 10% commission for each box of sweets you sell.
  • Box From Japan provides links and banners to help promote the treats.
  • Cookies tracking software allow affiliates maintain active link up to 60 days after the first position.


  • Own a PayPal account. Since payments they will be sent via PayPal.
  • Register on our site. To register for the affiliate program, you must submit the application for membership and be approved. Applications are processed every Friday and applicants will be notified of their acceptance status as soon as possible after your information is reviewed.

Affiliate URL

You will be given a special URL once it becomes an authorized member of the affiliate program Box From Japan that will be unique to you and you alone, and allow you to be paid by affiliate referrals.


Affiliates will receive about 10% of revenue as a commission from orders placed through properly coded affiliate links (unless otherwise indicated for a particular product).

For a sale to generate a commission to an affiliate, the customer must complete the order form and pay the full amount of the product ordered through our ordering system. References mouth will not lead to an affiliate commission that is generated. The commissions will only be paid from the sales made when the customer clicks through qualified affiliate links. Properly coded links are the sole responsibility of the member. The products are ready for membership SUMO test boxes, SAMURAI and NINJA.


Payment to affiliates is through a PayPal account, provided to us when a member joins. If there are changes Paypal email, it is your responsibility to notify Box From Japan to guarantee payment of appropriate fees. Not resend returned payments due to the email addresses of incorrect payment.